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Overdyed // WC-AK549568


grey region map of turkey showing regions with over-dyed rugs

Oushak Carpets are Turkish carpets that use a particular family of designs associated with city of Uşak, Turkey – one of the larger towns in Western Anatolia, which was a major center of rug production from the early days of the Ottoman Empire, into the early 20th century. Overdyed is expressed as the added phase in the finishing process in which the rug is antique washed, sheared and immersed in a bath of a vibrant color. This brings out a fine tone which highlights the original dyes. This process can be used for new or old rugs.


Size:  3'1" x 6'3"
Color:  Modern
Estimated Age:  40-Year


Material:  100% Wool Pile
Fabrication:   Hand Knotted with Cotton Foundation